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  About Magazine "AGRO PERSPECTIVA"


AGRO PERSPECTIVA is one of the leading Ukrainian magazines on agricultural business and for agricultural business.

AGRO PERSPECTIVA is published in co-operation with the Ukrainian National Research and Information Center DERZHZOVNISHINFORM under the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. This magazine is the unique information analytical edition. AGRO PERSPECTIVE is read by all participants of Ukrainian agricultural market.

Recipient groups: representatives of top and middle management of the agricultural and food companies, manufacturers of agricultural and processing equipment, traders, consulting companies, bankers and investors.

Magazine Structure

Agrarian Policy
Lobby / Politics / Economy
In The Spotlight
Grain / Sugar / Oilseeds / Meat / Milk / Prices / Alcohol / Tobacco / Beverages
Actual Market
Interviews with Companies Successful Managers/CEOs
Business Information on Key Commodity Markets
Special Project: Branch Presentation
Agrarian Market Provision
Machinery / Equipment / Fuel / Chemistry / Seeds / Technologies
Conferences, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Branch Events

Main data

format: 210 mm wide, 297 mm high
volume: up to 100 pages
printing process: full colour printing
published: monthly, 12 times a year
circulation: 15,000 copies
language: Ukrainian
distribution: subscription, additional distribution at specialised exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences and other events of the metal industry