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  Agrarian Week and Price AGRO

Agrarian Week and Price AGRO are supplements to the magazine AGRO PERSPECTIVA.

Agrarian Week
is weekly information analytical bulletin.

Agrarian Week focuses on analytical operative information of main commodity markets (grains, sugar, oilseeds, meat, milk, alcohol, fruits, fish) conjuncture. Plus reviews of Ukrainian/world market as well as analysis, tendencies, news, prices, forecasts on output and consumption, trade, last/planned contracts and tenders, producers, statistics, etc.

Brief summary:
- latest news about the Ukrainian, Russian and world agricultural products markets;
- brief analysis of world food wheat/feed grains market;
- brief analysis of the Ukrainian grains market;
- brief analysis of world oil crops market ;
- brief analysis of the Ukrainian oilseeds market;
- detailed information on the Ukrainian/world dairy market situation;
- detailed information on the Ukrainian/world meat market situation;
- statistical data and other useful information.

Price AGRO
is weekly informational advertising bulletin.

Price AGRO contains over 2,000 Ukrainian/Russian companies offers for goods purchase and sale, cooperation.

Offers are subdivided into following columns:
- grains;
- oil crops;
- meat, milk, sugar, etc.;
- agricultural machineries, equipment, fuels and lubricants;
- agricultural chemistry/veterinary;
- services.

Bulletin information gets updated weekly.

Information contained in Price AGRO is accessible to numerous subscribers of magazine AGRO PERSPECTIVE - among which there are agricultural processors/producers as well as Ukrainian and foreign trade companies.